The Off-Campus Rental Education Program is designed to review specific characteristics of off-campus properties. This process has three goals:

  • to provide consistent information to UA students and their families about property features
  • to aid students in making educated decisions about their housing
  • to communicate to properties about features that are fundamentally important to rental units

Enrollment in the Education Program is voluntary for properties. Properties are reviewed annually by a Rental Education Technician.

We use more than 50 different criteria to enroll properties in the Education Program. These criteria are part of the physical environment as observed during an annual visit to the property. They look at things such as the quality of the doors, locks, windows, and stairwells. There may be other features that are important to you and your family that are not included in this list. We encourage you to read this list thoroughly so that you have a better understanding of what is included in the Education Program and what is not included in the Education Program. 

Enrolled Properties

You can find properties enrolled in the program by using the Off-Campus Rental Education Program as your search parameter in our Housing Search.

Enrolled properties (PDF) vary as properties update their enrollment in the Education Program.

Conditional Enrollment

If a property owner wished to enroll a property in the Rental Education Program, a Rental Education Technician can review the construction blueprints and confirm they align with the Program criteria. At that point the property can be conditionally enrolled in the Rental Education Program. Then within 30 days of occupancy, an onsite review of the property will be performed by a Rental Education Technician confirming that what was represented on the blueprints was installed as drawn.


Important! The properties listed on this website are not endorsed by The University of Alabama.This website is intended for educational and informational purposes for UA students and their families. If you have questions about specific properties, please call Off-Campus Resources at 205-348-0200.