Historic Districts

If you live in a Historic District, there are additional ordinances and policies that you should be aware of. You can view a map of the historic districts on the Tuscaloosa city website.

Historic homes may be occupied by no more than 2 unrelated persons, unless the property has been certified to allow its occupation by no more than 3 unrelated persons. If you are considering renting a property in a historic district, please read Sec. 20-15.34 Occupancy Restrictions in Historic Districts and call 205-248-5100 to find out the occupancy restrictions on the property.

Also, garbage carts cannot be stored in front of a house in a historic district. Garbage carts must be stored behind the house, or on a side that is not in view from the front of the house.

Ordinance Violations

The City of Tuscaloosa has several ordinances that can impact off-campus residents. Fines can range from $50 up to $500 and one year in jail depending on the violation, the circumstance, past violations, etc.

On or near your property:

  • Not cutting the grass
  • Littering the streets and premises
  • Accumulation of trash
  • Garbage cans on the curb more than 24 hours before/after pick-up
  • Parking in front yard or other illegal areas
  • Trespassing at a lake
  • Dog at large (not on a leash)
  • 4 or more unrelated persons living together (3 or more in historic districts)

Appliances or furniture that are intended for indoor use should not be outside of your house or apartment.

Anywhere in the Tuscaloosa area:

  • Minor in possession – ­fine and possible license suspension
  • Improper or fake ID
  • Public intoxication – fi­ne and alcohol program
  • Open beverage (including cups)
  • Sale of alcohol to minors
  • Adult allowing minors to consume alcohol at open house party – mandatory court appearance
  • Noise ordinance violation
  • Domestic violence – mandatory court appearance


You can be fined for noise violations in residential areas. City ordinance states that the acceptable level of sound coming from your residence between 6 a.m.-9 p.m. is 75 decibels. Acceptable level of sound coming from your residence between 9 p.m.-6 a.m. is 65 decibels. As an example of these volumes, a typical vacuum cleaner could be 60-85 decibels and a whistling teakettle is roughly 80 decibels.

To report a noise violation, please call TPD’s non-emergency line at 205-349-2121.