City ordinance prohibits the possession of more than 3 cats or 3 dogs, except kittens or puppies under 3 months old. The city of Tuscaloosa has several ordinances about animals, but the following are a general overview about the responsibility of owners.


  • Provide sufficient food for your pet for good health; keep all food receptacles clean and sanitary.
  • Provide sufficient water at least once a day for your pet that for good health; keep all water receptacles clean and sanitary.
  • Provide shelter big enough for your pet with at least 3 sides, a roof, and is moisture-proof and wind-proof. Clean the shelter on a regular basis
  • Do not tether, chain, or tie your dog to stationary objects, unless:
    • owner present and for no longer than 60 minutes
    • using a nonchoke-type collar and tether is at least 10’ long and free from entanglement
    • dog has access to food, water and shelter


Maintain control over your animal(s) to prevent damage, inconvenience, annoyance or alarm to others.

  • Prevent pet from damaging another’s property including landscaping.
  • Do not allow pet to repeatedly chase, attack, bark, snap at pedestrians, or other people or pets on their own property.
  • Continuous barking, or barking that occurs the majority of a 10-minute period, is prohibited.
  • Keep dogs on a leash when off your own property. Even if unaware, having your dog at large violates city ordinance.

Remove any pet waste your pet leaves on public property.

To report violations city ordinances pertaining to animals and their well-being, get directed to the appropriate office by calling Tuscaloosa’s 311.