We want to make sure UA students have the resources to be successful renters, roommates, and members of the local community.

Getting Started

Need help understanding about leases? We have information to get you started.

Make a Budget

Every student should make a budget for monthly expenses, including unexpected costs. Make sure you plan for utilities, transportation and food costs.


Roommates can help keep your costs down, and can make your rental unit more fun! Explore information to navigate your roommate relationships with more ease.

Moving In

Find out how to prepare to move in, and how you can set yourself up for better communication with your landlord about issues that may arise during the year.

Moving Out

As your lease comes to an end, it’s a good idea to review the terms of your lease for specifics about move-out condition and your obligations under the lease. Being prepared and thorough can help you have a smooth move-out, as well as save you money!

Helpful Campus Resources