• Read the lease before you sign it. Once you sign a lease, you have agreed to everything in it.
  • If you’re 19, your signature is legally binding, whether your cosigner falls through or not.
  • Get everything from the property in writing before you sign and while you live there. Verbal agreements with any member of the property staff are not legally binding.
  • See the property before you sign anything. We recommend visiting at least once during the day and once at night.

Application and Security Deposit


Properties may require you to complete an application and submit an application fee which shows your interest in the property. We suggest that you not fill out an application and pay the fee unless you are really interested in the property. The application fee is typically $25-$200 and is nonrefundable.

Security Deposit

This deposit cannot exceed the amount of one month’s rent. There may be additional fees such as a pet deposit if you intend on having a pet. The landlord has 60 days after the end of the lease to return your deposit if you are eligible for a refund. Be sure and leave a forwarding address so that your deposit can be mailed to you. If there are damages to the property that you are responsible for, your landlord must send you an itemized report of the damages and the receipt of what the damages cost.