Remember that you and the house or apartment where you live are only as safe as you make them. Safety and security is everyone’s responsibility.

Always keep doors and windows to your house or apartment locked especially when you are alone, sleeping, or the apartment is left unoccupied (even if only for a few moments). Most burglaries involve unlocked doors, so locking up is the single most effective action you can take to reduce theft.

If you’re going to be gone a week or more, notify your landlord. This way, should any emergency maintenance issue arise while you’re away, they are aware and can address it.

Keys, Doors and Emergency Exits

  • Do not leave the exterior doors of your building unlocked or propped open. When entering or exiting, make sure all doors are securely locked. If you see a door that is not secure, make sure you lock it.
  • Make sure that your emergency exits (windows, stairwells, fire escapes, etc.) remain clear from furniture, your belongings, or anything that could slow you down in an emergency.
  • Don’t loan anyone your key.
  • Keep keys safe. Don’t hide them outside or leave them lying around. Don’t include identifiable information on your key ring such as your name or phone number.
  • If your keys are lost, report it to the police and ask the landlord to change your locks immediately.
  • Immediately report malfunctioning doors, windows, lights, overgrown shrubbery, etc. to the person responsible for maintaining your residence.

Guests and Other Visitors

  • Do not allow strangers into your building or apartment.
  • Use the peephole in the door to identify who is at the door. If you don’t have a peephole, look out a window close to the door.
  • Have repair or service personnel show official ID and confirm their presence with the person requesting the service.
  • Delivery persons should remain outside to await the person requesting the delivery.
  • Report all strangers seen wandering on the premises of your house or apartment to the police.
  • Never reveal to a visitor or telephone caller that you are alone. Call out in a loud voice, “I’ll answer it!” when there is a visitor at the door to imply that you are not alone.
  • Always escort your guests in and out of the building. Remember, you are responsible for the conduct of your guests while they are present in your building.