UA’s Safer Living Guide website provides a wealth of information on safety information and services provided by UA that are available for our students. Find out about:

  • the Rave Guardian app
  • the UA Safety app
  • UA Alerts
  • safety on campus, in your home and online
  • additional safety resources

Be Prepared

Remember that you and the house or apartment where you live are only as safe as you make them. Safety and security is everyone’s responsibility. Consider adding the below phone numbers to your contact list.

University Police: 205-348-5454

Tuscaloosa Police: 205-349-2121 (non-emergency)

Northport Police: 205-339-6600

Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office: 205-752-0616 (non-emergency)

  • Call 911 for emergencies (Emergencies include, but are not limited to: crimes in progress, fi­re, and incidents which pose a threat to you and/or others).
  • Call TPD at 205-349-2121 for non-emergencies (Non-emergencies include crimes which have already occurred, suspicious behavior, etc.).

If you’re concerned, please contact the police. While the situation may have a simple or innocent explanation, the police would rather investigate than be called when it is too late.

Safety Tips

While there is no guarantee that crime or accidents won’t happen, taking precautions can reduce your vulnerability to both personal and property crimes.

  • Be familiar with and aware of your surroundings at all times.
  • If you are walking or riding your bike with headphones in, consider keeping the music low or one earbud out so that you can hear approaching sirens or suspicious sounds around you.
  • Avoid walking alone at night. Ask a friend to walk you to the car or go with you to the store, laundry room, gym, etc. If you must walk alone, take advantage of the Rave Guardian app and stay in well-lighted, open areas.
  • Make sure your car is always locked and that any valuables left in the vehicle are locked in the trunk or placed out of view. The majority of car break-ins in Tuscaloosa are unlocked vehicles.
  • Stay sober and coherent. Persons under the influence are much more likely to be the victim of a serious crime or accident or to victimize others.
  • If using a rideshare, check for a match on your phone to ensure you are getting in the right vehicle. Stay awake/alert during your ride and keep belongings close by and together.

Find out more ways to be safety-prepared.

Severe Weather

Be sure you’re signed up for UA Alerts so that you can be notified any time there is a weather alert for Tuscaloosa County. Take time to review UA’s Severe Weather Guidelines ahead of time. Have your shelter plans thought out before the weather changes.

UA’s Office of Emergency Preparedness recommends that when severe weather strikes and the warning sirens sound:

  • Go to the nearest shelter or best available refuge area.
  • Stay tuned to radio or television stations for further weather statements.
  • Remain inside until the severe weather threat has ended.

Know the difference between a Watch and a Warning

Research all available UA shelter options and public storm shelters for yourself so that you can locate the nearest one quickly in an emergency.