Whether you grew up with lots of siblings, or this is your first time sharing your living space with someone else, having a roommate inevitably has its challenges, but can also be a great part of your college experience. Talk to your potential roommate and compare their living preferences and daily habits to yours. Be honest about everything. A lease is a legally binding contract for 12 months. You can’t break a lease because you do not get along.

UA students can create a roommate profile and search for potential roommates using this website! You will need to create a free account using your Crimson email address.

Even if you know your roommate before moving in, we suggest that you use a roommate agreement as a contract between yourself and your roommate(s). The agreement encourages conversations about the living environment to help avoid problems in the future. Among other things, you should discuss how you will split utilities, what personal items are off limits to other roommates, how will you handle cleaning the kitchen and other common areas, and rules for guests, noise, pets (if allowed), trash, and parking.