If you’re having trouble with a roommate, it can be difficult to know how or where to get help. There are several ways you can seek assistance in improving your roommate situation:

  • If you live at a property where students sign individual leases, you may want to reach out to the community’s professional staff. There may be a residential/community manager who can help you get started and  may offer to facilitate a roommate mediation to reach some mutually agreeable solutions.
  • UA’s Counseling Center can help you sort through your own thoughts and feelings about a situation before you broach the topic with your roommate. Taking advantage of UA’s skilled professionals can help you feel more peaceful and confident as you navigate a roommate conflict.
  • UA Law School has a Mediation Clinic that can provide mediation services for UA students to help solve roommate disputes. It’s important to note that all parties involved must agree to mediation before a full mediation session can be completed. To schedule an appointment with the Mediation Clinic, call 205-348-4960.

Please note: Housing and Residential Communities does not mediate roommate conflicts at off-campus properties.