Having a Car in Town

Many students who live within 5 miles of campus go through around 2 tanks of gas per month.

Get Gas Estimate for your Vehicle

Car Insurance

Insurance will vary depending on where you live, what kind of car you have, and whether or not you’ve had any type of citation – speeding ticket, not wearing a seat belt, improper lane change, DUI, etc. Having citations can affect your ability to get a job if you would be required to drive a company vehicle.

Car Maintenance

Your transportation budget should also include maintenance costs, such as oil changes, which occur about every 3 months, tire rotation, and new windshield wipers. If you set aside a little money each month, it can really help make bigger and unexpected car problems less of a financial emergency.

Campus Parking

If you plan to use your own vehicle to get to and from campus, you’ll need a UA parking permit through Parking Services, generally a commuter parking pass. Rates and parking maps can be found on their website.

Getting Around Without a Car

Many students come to Tuscaloosa without a car and find solutions to their transportation needs. Crimson Ride shuttles provide service across campus on weekdays.

Apartment Shuttle Options

Some properties have shuttles to and from campus, contracted through UA’s Crimson Ride. Visit the Crimson Ride website to find each property’s published shuttle schedule.

These properties provide their own privately managed shuttle service to campus. You should ask the individual property about their typical shuttle schedule and locations.

Bicycle Information

University Recreation has resources to assist students who are interested in biking to and from campus.

Other Transportation Options

348-RIDE (7433) is a free service that will transport you between locations when Crimson Ride Buses are not operating. 348-RIDE a support service for academic purposes and does not service establishments where alcoholic beverages are sold.

Tuscaloosa Transit Authority provides several Tuscaloosa Trolley routes around town. You can find trolley rates and routes for locations convenient for you. The UA Trolley Route is free for UA students with an ACT card.

Ridesharing Options

Ridesharing companies like are available in and around Tuscaloosa. There are websites such that can assist in determining the right rideshare option for you and your budget. During the special events or game days, riders can experience a significant increase in rideshare rates of more than 100% above normal rates.

The University of Alabama has a contract for a program offering discounted rides to all students, faculty and university staff. More information can be found on the Crimson Ride website.